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Nutanix: Task in Prism is hanging

Nutanix: Task in Prism is hanging

Hello everybody,

last time at the preparation of a customer Nutanix cluster we run in following problem. A prism task (in my case a reboot of the HV) was hanging over 48 hours.


Also after a restart of the complete cluster the task appear in prism. So we started to search for a soulution and find a KB Article in the Nutanix portal.

We tried the commands from the KB Article but without success. The task in prism remains.

So we tried some other commands and vollá our problem were solved. But how? Which commands we had used?

With the first command we checked wich task are in the running queue.

acli task.list limit=2500| grep -i running

After we identified our hanging task we can cancel the task. In our case it had the following id „ff1fa263-ca02-455e-b8e6-101a0532dd0e“. Now we can set the status of the task to aborted with „status=kAborted“.

acli task.update task_list=ff1fa263-ca02-455e-b8e6-101a0532dd0e status=kAborted

At last a short check with following command.

acli task.list limit=2500| grep -i running

Now the task should gone. 😉

This solved our problem, we hope this will help someone of you 😉

Greetz diekolbs